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Navigate your most challenging legal issues with clarity and confidence


Experienced attorneys delivering client-first service and exceptional advocacy on personal and business legal matters in the greater Los Angeles area



Pragmatic legal solutions backed by extensive experience


When you’re facing legal uncertainties, you need a reliable legal team who fully understands your goals and has the skills and judgment to achieve them.


At Sulahian Law, we collaborate with individual and business clients on their most critical legal issues. On every matter, we use a pragmatic, integrated approach, informed by our wealth of experience across a range of practice areas and industries.


Whether we’re resolving a dispute, executing a transaction, or working on another legal matter, we’ll keep your objectives front and center and stay focused on what matters most.

Your trusted Los Angeles area legal advisor and advocate

Sulahian Law was founded by Amy Sulahian to help individuals and businesses in California thrive by providing:

  • personal, attentive service

  • clear, well-informed legal advice

  • honest, practical feedback

  • diligent, enthusiastic advocacy


Strong, collaborative relationships are at the center of everything we do.


From day one, we’ll carefully listen to your objectives and concerns. We’ll then create an action plan based on your unique circumstances and work together to achieve your desired outcome.


For every client, our goal is to draw upon our deep experience in both law and business to deliver quality legal guidance and secure superior results.


Explore our diverse practice areas

Business Law

Get help legally forming a business, handling routine legal matters, managing risk, drafting and negotiating contracts, executing transactions, and more.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Restructuring

Minimize risk, secure favorable legal terms, and efficiently achieve your goals as you buy or sell assets, restructure, or even dissolve your business.

Civil Litigation

Whether you’re pursuing or defending a lawsuit, get experienced advocates on your side to guide you through the process and fight for the best possible outcome.

Intellectual Property

Protect your valuable intellectual property through registration, or get help navigating an infringement case (whether you’re enforcing rights or facing a claim).

Real Estate

Stay safe as you buy or sell property by getting legal guidance (including contract review and negotiation), or get help resolving various other real estate disputes.


Get trustworthy tax preparation or experienced IRS representation to manage audits, address back tax issues, and settle tax liabilities.

Environment & Land Use

Get the help of seasoned planning and zoning attorneys on any aspect of your development project and navigate complex Los Angeles regulations with ease.

Estate Planning

Safeguard your assets and provide for your loved ones with a tailored estate plan, or update your existing plan to ensure it suits your current needs and goals.

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Trusted legal counsel for every stage of your business

Los Angeles business attorneys leading the way with deep legal knowledge, sound business judgment, and first-rate service

Effective business legal guidance requires more than just legal expertise. It also requires a thorough understanding of your business, your industry, and your priorities.


At Sulahian Law, our lawyers have extensive experience in both law and business. This allows us to bring deep legal knowledge and sound business judgment to any matter.


Our client-centric philosophy means we also take the time to truly understand your business and your goals. We then build the right team to address your needs and focus on providing clear, practical advice and first-rate service at every turn.


Whether you’d like to seize a new opportunity or you’re facing legal challenges in your business, Sulahian Law is prepared to serve as your trusted advisor and advocate. We pride ourselves on forging strong, collaborative relationships with various stakeholders and achieving superior results for clients at all stages of the business lifecycle.

Solution-oriented guidance on a wide range of business legal matters


Sulahian Law serves a diverse client base, ranging from individuals to corporations. These clients belong to a number of sectors and industries, including hospitality, manufacturing, service, wholesale and retail, franchise and licensing, nonprofits, real estate, and more.


From daily operations to high-stakes legal issues, we seek to deliver quality legal counsel that prioritizes the longevity and success of your business. We handle a wide range of business legal matters, including:


  • Business entity formation

  • Choosing or changing the structure of a business

  • Preparing or amending formation and corporate governance documents

  • Dissolving a business

  • Employment and human resource issues

  • Drafting and negotiating commercial agreements

  • Assessing and managing risk

  • Executing transactions

  • Resolving disagreements within your business

  • Funding and financing issues

  • Serving as outside General Counsel

  • Advising on routine legal matters


For every matter, we take an integrated approach based on our broad experience across numerous industries and practice areas. The depth and breadth of our experience also enables us to craft effective, creative solutions that are tailored to the unique circumstances of each client.


Execute high-impact transactions smoothly and efficiently  

Los Angeles M&A attorneys prepared to handle your toughest challenges with skill, creativity, and judgment


Mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring are some of the most significant transactions a business can enter. Deep legal knowledge, creative problem solving, and good business judgment are paramount for success.


At Sulahian Law, our M&A lawyers are skilled dealmakers, prepared to handle your toughest challenges and negotiations. We also have experience and knowledge across other relevant practice areas, such as tax, intellectual property, and regulatory matters.


Through this broad experience, we have developed a strong understanding of both legal and commercial issues. As a result, we’re able to identify potential pitfalls and proactively devise creative solutions that align with your business goals.


Regardless of the size of your transaction, we’re committed to serving as enthusiastic advocates and providing exceptional client service. From structuring to negotiation to execution, we seek to deliver quality legal guidance that’s effective, practical, and efficient.

Experienced representation on your most transformative transactions


Sulahian Law’s M&A attorneys have experience advising diverse clients of varying sizes across numerous industries. Our results-oriented business attorneys are capable of managing a wide spectrum of transformative transactions, including:


  • Mergers

  • Acquisitions

  • Divestitures

  • Spin-offs

  • Joint ventures

  • Buying or selling assets

  • Restructuring

  • Dissolutions


In these critical matters, we can help you:


  • Understand and evaluate your options

  • Assess and manage risk

  • Secure the best possible terms

  • Efficiently achieve your goals

  • Identify and comply with legal obligations


Years of experience in business and law allow our M&A attorneys to take a multi-faceted approach to every transaction. We take the time to understand the unique needs of each client, then craft custom solutions and strategies designed to achieve the desired outcome.


Exceptional advocacy for complex, high-stakes civil disputes

Trial-ready Los Angeles civil litigation attorneys with deep subject matter expertise and sharp negotiation skills


In any type of lawsuit, the quality of your legal counsel can have a major impact on the outcome. To increase your chances of prevailing, you need a strong, experienced advocate on your side who has a clear understanding of your goals and priorities.


At Sulahian Law, our lawyers are well-versed in handling many types of high-stakes civil disputes. As skilled negotiators and trial attorneys with deep subject matter expertise, we’re able to craft compelling arguments and devise smart strategies in pursuit of the best possible outcome.


Our commitment to superior client service also means that we’ll take the time to understand your goals, explain your options, and provide clear, practical guidance. Throughout the process, our top priority is to protect your interests as we work diligently to resolve your case.

Trustworthy legal representation for a variety of civil litigation matters


Sulahian Law handles a wide array of civil cases in California for both individuals and businesses, including disputes relating to:


  • Business and transactions

  • Contracts

  • Labor and employment

  • Intellectual property

  • Real estate and construction

  • Medical malpractice

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


As true generalists, our attorneys have broad experience spanning many practice areas and industries. This allows us to examine each issue from multiple angles, develop creative solutions and strategies, and persuasively present your case to judges and juries.


Our litigation attorneys also exercise sharp negotiation skills in every case. As a result, we’ve been able to successfully settle many disputes without ever stepping foot in a courtroom.


However, we still approach each case with the assumption that it will go to trial, as we recognize that settling may not always be in your best interests. This means we’ll carefully assess your options, conduct thorough investigations, and work with you to gather the right evidence and build the strongest case possible.


Skillful legal guidance on IP strategy, transactions, and disputes

Los Angeles IP attorneys with in-depth knowledge and real-world experience in law and business


Intellectual property transactions and disputes are often complex, high-value matters. Achieving your objectives requires a nuanced understanding of the underlying IP, relevant laws and legal procedures, and industry and market issues.


At Sulahian Law, our attorneys have a deep well of legal knowledge in intellectual property and other related practice areas, including business transactions, contracts, and civil litigation. We also have extensive business experience and a keen understanding of commercial concerns.


If you’d like to protect your IP, commercialize IP assets, or resolve an IP dispute, Sulahian Law can help. On every matter, we use an integrated approach that incorporates our diverse knowledge and experience across practice areas and industries. By examining issues from many different perspectives, we’re able to devise creative, practical strategies tailored to your specific needs.

Diligent, client-focused legal counsel on a broad range of IP matters


The IP lawyers at Sulahian Law counsel both individual and business clients on a wide range of intellectual property matters, including:


  • Inventorying IP assets and devising an IP strategy

  • Trademark/branding protection, including registration

  • Trade secret and other intellectual property asset protection

  • Commercializing IP, including licensing and buying and selling IP rights

  • Intellectual property releases and consents

  • IP counsel in mergers, acquisitions, and other transactions

  • Intellectual property issues in collaborations, partnerships, and joint ventures

  • IP disputes, including enforcing rights or defending against infringement claims


Regardless of the matter type, our IP lawyers are committed to providing professional, personalized service. At each stage of your case, we strive to proactively communicate about any developments, clearly explain your options, and provide pragmatic advice.


As your dedicated legal advocate, we’ll also work diligently on your behalf to advance your interests and achieve the best possible outcome.


Advisors for your challenging real estate transactions and disputes

Los Angeles real estate attorneys committed to addressing your legal needs with skill and efficiency


Achieving a successful outcome in a real estate transaction or dispute often requires a thorough understanding of many areas of law. Good business sense and real estate industry knowledge are also critical.


At Sulahian Law, our attorneys are skilled in handling many types of real estate transactions, disputes, and investments. As true generalists, we also have deep experience in business and related practice areas, including mergers & acquisitions, litigation, environmental & land use, tax, and more.


This diverse knowledge and experience enable us to take a multidisciplinary approach to every real estate matter. We pride ourselves on anticipating client needs, examining issues from many different angles, and carefully crafting custom solutions and strategies.


Delivering exceptional client service is also one of our top priorities. As a Sulahian Law client, from day one we’ll focus on gaining a clear understanding of your goals. We’ll then collaborate closely with you to achieve them as efficiently as possible.

Dependable legal counsel on a broad array of real estate matters


Sulahian Law serves both individuals and businesses across many industries, including owners, buyers, developers, investors, and funds. Our real estate attorneys are equipped to handle a variety of real estate matters, including:


  • Buying or selling property

  • Development

  • Financing

  • Leasing

  • Boundary disputes and other land-related issues

  • Commercial real estate disputes


Whether you’re negotiating a complex real estate transaction or litigating a high-stakes lawsuit, we’ll provide clear, practical advice and strong advocacy. We’ll also remain committed to protecting your rights, advancing your interests, and securing your desired results as we help you:


  • Understand and weigh your options

  • Assess and manage risk

  • Comply with legal obligations

  • Make informed decisions

  • Navigate complex legal procedures


Sophisticated tax planning and tax dispute resolution 

Los Angeles tax lawyers delivering effective solutions, experienced representation, and top-tier service


Tax issues are notoriously complicated legal matters. To successfully navigate the ever-changing tax landscape, the guidance of experienced counsel with a nuanced understanding of relevant laws and proceedings is essential.


At Sulahian Law, our tax attorneys have developed in-depth knowledge of California and federal tax laws through years of handling high-stakes tax matters. We also have extensive experience across various related practice areas, including civil litigation, mergers & acquisitions, and general business law.


The depth and breadth of our experience means we’re able to serve as enthusiastic advocates wherever you need us. Whether in the courtroom, before a tax agency, or at a negotiation table, we take a multi-faceted approach that allows us to craft practical solutions tailored to your unique goals.


On all types of matters, Sulahian Law is also committed to providing a smooth client experience. Every step of the way, we keep your priorities top of mind as we deliver trustworthy guidance and work towards achieving superior results.

Skillful advocacy and reliable guidance on a wide spectrum of tax matters


Sulahian Law serves individuals and businesses on a wide spectrum of tax matters. We represent clients in tax controversies in federal and California state courts and before federal and California tax agencies, including the IRS. We also offer proactive tax advice to safeguard against tax disputes, ensure compliance, and maximize tax efficiency.


Some ways we specifically serve tax clients include:


  • Preparing and reviewing personal and business tax returns

  • Addressing back taxes and other tax liabilities

  • Managing tax audits and investigations

  • Representation in tax litigation

  • Tax counsel on business structuring , transactions , and other business matters

  • Tax guidance on employment and human resources matters

  • Creating tax-efficient estate plans  


As skilled negotiators, we’re often able to resolve disputes through favorable settlements. However, we’re also experienced litigators and willing to go to trial if needed. Regardless of your tax issue, throughout the process we’ll communicate your options in practical terms and provide clear guidance on how to best reach your goals.


Essential guidance for all stages of your property development project

Los Angeles environmental & land use attorneys guiding you through your project with skill and efficiency


Property development projects are complicated endeavors. A successful outcome requires careful coordination among various parties and compliance with a complex web of laws, rules, and regulations.


At Sulahian Law, our attorneys have wide-ranging knowledge of federal, state, and local laws relating to development projects. We also have experience working directly with regulatory authorities to ensure compliance and resolve issues.


This deep experience allows us to effectively manage virtually any legal aspect of your development project. We seek to not only solve problems, but also proactively address potential pitfalls that can cause disruptions and disputes.


Regardless of the size of your project, Sulahian Law is prepared to serve as your trusted legal advisor and advocate. At every stage, we’re committed to providing exceptional service as we skillfully and efficiently guide you towards the successful completion of your project.

Seasoned representation on a wide range of environmental & land use issues


Sulahian Law’s attorneys have years of experience advising a diverse client base on a wide range of environmental & land use issues, including:


  • Zoning laws

  • Building ordinances

  • Construction permits

  • Safety regulations

  • Environmental review

  • Litigation and disputes


We can also coordinate with regulatory authorities on your behalf regarding these issues [1] and diligently advocate for your best interests. Throughout the process, we’ll candidly explain your options, provide clear, practical advice, and help you overcome any legal hurdles.


Preserve your assets, protect your family, and plan for the unexpected

Los Angeles attorneys providing individualized estate planning advice with compassion, care, and attention to detail


Creating an effective estate plan involves accounting for a wide range of legal, financial, and personal considerations. To ensure your estate plan meets your needs, it’s essential to get the help of an estate planning lawyer who understands both the big picture and how to navigate the details.


At Sulahian Law, our knowledge extends far beyond trusts & estates law. We have deep experience across many other relevant practice areas as well, including tax, business law, and litigation. Just as importantly, we also invest significant time in learning about your unique goals, assets, family dynamics, and other personal circumstances.


By taking a holistic approach to your matter, our estate planning attorneys are able to identify potential issues and the appropriate tools and strategies for achieving your goals. We then explain your options to you in practical terms and provide clear recommendations on how to proceed.


Whether you’re interested in a will, trust, or a comprehensive estate plan, our attorneys are committed to providing exceptional service marked by compassion, care, and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on building strong, long-term relationships with our clients and creating individualized estate plans that truly reflect their needs and wishes.

Experienced guidance on a broad spectrum of estate planning matters


If you’re ready to protect your assets and legacy, secure your family’s financial future, and/or plan for your potential incapacity, the estate planning attorneys at Sulahian Law can advise you on the best path forward.


We offer legal guidance for individuals and families on a wide range of estate planning matters, including:


  • Estate planning strategy

  • Last wills and testaments

  • Living trusts

  • Financial powers of attorney

  • Health care proxies

  • Business succession planning

  • Lifetime transfers of assets and wealth

  • Charitable giving 

  • Tax issues in estate planning


If you already have an estate plan, we can also review your documents to ensure they’re appropriate for your current circumstances and account for any changes in the law. It’s especially important to review and update your estate plan upon major life events, such as:


  • Marriage, divorce, or separation

  • Births, adoptions, and deaths

  • Acquisition of significant assets

  • Relocation to another state or country

About Us
Empty Board Room Table in Office

Sulahian Law is committed to servicing your legal needs with the highest level of integrity, advocacy, and sensitivity. Whether your matter is focused on a single issue or many, we collaborate to put together the most effective team to help achieve your goals. 

Our Firm has extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of practice areas. For that reason, we are able to collaborate and handle the most complex legal matters.
Diversity is such an integral part of our firms culture. Our Principal comes from a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. It is this diversity that brings a multi-faceted perspective to each unique case and allows for creative approaches when planning strategy.
We are your biggest advocates and will take the time to listen, understand, and carve out a plan that puts you in the best possible position to achieve your desired outcome. 


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Image of Amy Sulahian



Amy Sulahian, a California native, attended California State University Los Angeles and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Accounting. She went on to attend Glendale University College of Law in Glendale, California where she graduated with a Juris Doctorate degree. That same year, Sulahian sat for the California Bar Exam and is currently admitted to practice law by the California State Bar. 

Since 1995, Sulahian has been serving her community in several capacities as a successful entrepeneur.  She began by joining a startup company in the real estate industry which led to a prompt promotion as CFO and Controller.  After the real estate boom of 2007, she turned her attentions full time to an accounting and tax practice she had established a couple years prior. 

The practice became known for its emphasis on forensic accounting and tax, and focusing on such matters as civil and criminal litigation, internal corporate audits, tax disputes, divorce, embezzlement, misappropriations, entity formation and dissolution, and real estate matters. Sulahian has also served as an expert witness.  In 2012 she was recruited for the position of Controller of a national franchise chain where she assisted the Franchisor in restructuring the internal accounting operations and procedures.  

In 2017, Sulahian became the Principal Attorney of Sulahian Law, a boutique law firm in Pasadena, California. 

Sulahian has a son and enjoys volunteering at various charities together with him. She is also the Secretary and a founding member of the board for the LEO Project, a nonprofit whose mission is to support fallen or injured law enforcement officers and their families.  Sulahian is also a member of the American Bar Association, the Los Angeles Bar Association, the Armenian Bar Association, and the Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles.

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